About CycloLog

ENRES’ approach to the interpretation of wireline log data requires more than the usual functions of log formatting, manipulation and display.  We have therefore developed our own purpose-built software, and this is now a highly sophisticated toolkit, providing the user with a large range of advanced functions in addition to ENRES’ unique set of spectral analytical methods.  Despite its apparently specialised nature, CycloLog® is extremely user-friendly.

CycloLog® is now the industry standard tool for stratigraphic analysis and interpretation of wireline logs. It allows a data-driven analysis of wireline logs providing real surfaces and trends concealed in log data. These surfaces can subsequently be used for sequence stratigraphic, cyclostratigraphic or climate stratigraphic model-driven interpretation. This two-fold approach allows the user to obtain a fast and consistent high-resolution correlation framework.

CycloLog®is available for license on a single-user or multi-user basis. Full technical support, upgrades and new versions are included in the Maintenance and Support subscription.

A 3-days training at client premises is optional, but strongly recommended.