About Us

ENRES International specialises in the stratigraphic analysis of wireline log data, using a uniquely powerful combination of purpose-built software and interpretative methodology. ENRES International was founded in 1987 in response to globally accelerating interest in the use of sequence stratigraphic concepts as a practical tool in stratigraphy and sedimentology. ENRES pioneered research into the development of purpose-built software for accurate and consistent subsurface stratigraphic correlations, and especially into the relationship between climatic changes and lithofacies development at the reservoir scale.

Our mission is to develop the tools and concepts needed for the routine application of subsurface stratigraphic correlation and reservoir evaluation in the workflow of the petroleum geologist. For this purpose we have developed our flagship software, CycloLog®, which is now becoming the industry standard package for the application of spectral analytical methods to wireline logs. It offers also a comprehensive and user-friendly log interpretation platform for petroleum geologists.

ENRES offers a unique range of products and services to the oil and gas industry. We remain the only consultancy worldwide with expertise in data-driven spectral analysis of wireline logs and using state-of-the-art stratigraphic concepts. The capability of the company is further enhanced by close collaboration with specialist Alliance Consultant companies and a select group of highly experienced associate petroleum geologists. Our goal is to make our uniquely powerful methodology available to the industry through exclusive projects and non-exclusive studies, through the continued development of our software CycloLog®, and through training courses and materials.


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